Fluid management can have an immense (and often unnoticed) effect on operating costs. By focusing only on cost per drum, many companies ignore several other factors that can significantly increase costs. Below are six important areas in which fluids impact operating costs, making it very beneficial to choose the correct coolant for your facility:

1. Concentration Rate
Instead of measuring coolant cost per gallon, buyers would do better to focus on mixed fluid costs at desired concentration rates. For example, based on filling a 100-gallon sump at a desired refract reading of 5.5, the chart below demonstrates why:

Coolant TypeCost per 55 gallon drumCost per gallonMultiplierCoolant requiredMixed cost per GallonFinal cost per 100-gal sump
Coolant A $825 $15 1.1 5 Gal. $0.75 $75
Coolant B $1155 $21 1.8 3 Gal. $0.63 $63

Surprisingly, the more expensive coolant costs less when mixed. The difference may seem insignificant at first, but when multiplied by the number of machines, these costs add up over time.

2. Chip Fines in the Coolant
Recirculated chip fines affect tool life, part finish, machine ways, and ball screw wear. Along with filtration, proper coolant management has a significant effect on chip drop out. Proper filtration and fluid management will increase machine and tool life, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.

3. Paperwork and Shipping Costs
The more coolant required (as with Coolant A in the above chart), the higher the shipping costs, the more paperwork required, the more accounts payable generated, and the more employee time needed. Proper fluid management reduces paperwork and shipping costs.

4. Machine Cleanliness and Shop Environment
Lack of cleanliness makes a negative impression, perhaps serving as a deterrent to potential customers. In addition, a dirty work environment can contribute to higher employee dissatisfaction and turnover. Fortunately, proper fluid mixes keep machines cleaner for employee health and the work area more attractive to potential customers.

5. Unwanted Residue
Unwanted residue on machines and parts cause chip-sticking, machine wear and additional cleaning costs. Proper coolant selection and fluid management will eliminate such factors.

6. Sump Life
Coolant replacement in the sump results in labor costs, waste disposal costs, coolant costs, and machine downtime. Proper fluid management increases sump life, decreasing sump-related maintenance expenses.


  • MOLY D
  • TOOL X

  • Loc-Line
  • Module-Air Filtration
  • QPM Coolant Nozzles
  • Unist MQL Lubricators
  • Zebra Skimmers
  • Zero Gravity Filters


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