With more than 200 years of combined field experience and service, Creston has earned a reputation for excellence. Creston’s dependable service continues daily from Western Michigan, as the engineers at Creston serve manufacturers, industrial engineers, and end-users who drive the American manufacturing economy.©

Creston prides itself in its ability to competently serve a wide range of industries and company sizes—from local, single-proprietor shops, to international manufacturers. Yet, our goal remains the same: to capably and efficiently meet your manufacturing needs and challenges.

For your benefit, our sales engineers continually attend product classes and supplier training seminars. Then, the knowledge gained is passed on to you, our customer. Creston is committed to customer training by providing ongoing product seminars, specialized customer updates, and comprehensive product training.

You will find professional, technical expertise you can count on at Creston Industrial Sales.

Contact Creston’s expert sales engineers at (616) 454-1222 / (800) 999-9180 or at info@crestonindustrial.com.